About Lina



I’m Lina.


I am a kid entrepreneur. I created Fashion Frista because I love art, I love fashion, and I love spreading happiness, and this is a fun way to mix all those passions together!


I also care a lot about the environment, and about people, and I want to do things that help.


For example, for my birthday, I asked all my friends to make a donation to planting trees instead of getting me gifts. We raised enough to plant 206 olive trees!!!


My goal is for Fashion Frista to make people happy while doing good things for the world.


One issue that is important to me is girls' education. I was therefore so overjoyed to do my first awareness raising project for girls’ education, using design as a tool for spreading awareness along with some hope and happiness. You can find more about this fun and engaging project we did for World Children's Day under the main menu heading "Awareness for girls' education". 


Thank you so much for visiting Fashion Frista and I hope you will consider making a purchase and letting me know how you enjoy your design!